1: Proven To Deter Vandalism And Criminal Behaviour

In 2017, theft from a motor vehicle was the most commonly reported crime in Victoria. Retail car parks are some of the most popular locations criminals choose to target.

One simple way to deter crime in car parks is by making sure they are well lit, according to the Australian Institute of Criminology.

Good lighting allows for better surveillance from CCTV, and also from passers-by and other houses or businesses with views of your retail space and car park. It is a well-known fact that bright spaces deter vandals and thieves.


2: Avoid lawsuits

 Having poor lighting is an accident, and potential lawsuit, waiting to happen.

If lighting isn’t adequate, it may lead to accidents involving slips and falls, whether it’s tripping over curbs, uneven surfaces or stairs. You may be liable in this situation if you knew about the poor lighting and failed to fix it.

According to SafeWork Australia, factors including poor lighting, led to 24,090 serious injury claims in 2015/16.

Retail car parks can also be danger zones for minor accidents and potentially more serious ones if the area has black spots where drivers can’t be fully aware of their surroundings.

3: Promote your business

 By having eye-catching exterior lighting, you can promote your business to potential customers for far less than you would spend on an ad in a newspaper or on a billboard.  When people walk or drive by your business will stand out and even if you are closed for the day people know the location of your business if they need your services in the future.

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