AEI Latest Project- Animal Emergency Centre Dandenong

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Earlier this year we shared a number of progress shots from our work at the Dandenong Animal Emergency Centre. Over a number of months we delivered all things electrical and communications at this new state of the art medical facility. Now, after the completion of this project and before we move onto a number of

Lightning Protection Systems- What Are They and Why Are They Important?

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In the recent months the AEI team has put in place advanced lightning protection systems for a number of large companies across Australia. Lightning protection is a topic that is not often talked about within the electrical industry. However these systems can have a major impact on economic and safety implications for commercial enterprises Australia

The Importance of Electrical Isolation Procedures

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What Are Isolation Procedures? An isolation procedure is a set of predetermined steps that are to be followed when workers perform electrical inspections, maintenance and works.   The purpose of following these safe isolation procedures is to control the environment and other hazards associated with the work, and to ensure that entry or contact with

Winter Weather – A Risk Reminder About Overhead Powerlines

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It’s safe to say that this winter is shaping up to be a wild one. And with all this extreme weather it has meant that we at AEI have seen a major spike in emergency electrical callouts. The most common callouts relate directly to issues with overhead powerlines. Storms being the most common cause, as

The Benefits of Electrical Thermal Imaging

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At AEI our goal is to maintain electrical safety and efficiency for our clients via the implementation of a proactive and preventive approach to maintenance. One of the main components of sustaining an effective preventative maintenance schedule is completing regular thermal imaging tests. These tests, whilst known to many Maintenance and Property Managers, are rarely

Did You Know there is an Australian Standard on Lighting Public Areas and Carparks?

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Each year our clocks go forward one hour on the first Sunday in October, and then they go back one hour on the first Sunday in April. Why? To make better use of daylight over the summer months, moving an hour of daylight from the morning to the evening. With the recent shift backwards

Australian Electrical Industry Update: RCD requirements for protected circuits, alterations and repairs

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To ensure that we offer ‘electrical made easy’ we at AEI are making it our goal to help educate and keep our clients up to date with relevant key updates to Australian electrical standards and regulations. We want to offer an insight into what these updates mean for installers, the businesses we work with and

Don’t Let Your Electrical Contractor Leave You in the Dark

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Power matters. Electricity has become the lifeblood of the modern world, powering everything from our lights and devices to full-blown security systems. So, what happens when you rely on electricity for all matters of your business, and the power goes out? If you’re preparing for an important assembly for your pupils. Or your residents can

Top Four Reasons to Maintain Your Exterior Lighting

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Electricity is the lifeblood of our modern existence. Businesses, schools, and aged care facilities alike understand the importance of a stable power system. However, few people consider the importance of a well-lit exterior. Well-maintained commercial exterior lighting can enhance the promotion of your business, help emergency crews that may need to use your property, deter