Each year our clocks go forward one hour on the first Sunday in October, and then they go back one hour on the first Sunday in April. Why? To make better use of daylight over the summer months, moving an hour of daylight from the morning to the evening.

With the recent shift backwards however and the end of daylight savings, it’s now darker earlier. For Australian Electrical Industries that has meant a spike in clients requiring exterior lighting works.

So how can one extra hour of darkness make such a difference?

Well, this extra hour of darkness tends to draw attention to the importance of exterior lighting and the need for a proactive approach to its maintenance. We find that often businesses approach these kinds of works reactively rather than proactively.

Reactive Approach

With a reactive approach you can now manually check PE cells and time clocks to make sure they are in sync with the changes to daylight savings. However a reactive approach like this can lead to potential issues arising before maintenance can take place. Dark external areas often attract criminal activity, not to mention potential lawsuits.

Proactive Approach

With a proactive approach however we recommend automating these changes for the future (the same way that your phone knows how to change the time for daylight savings). This automation can be done, for example on a Dynalite system. If you haven’t heard of these automation control systems, you need to. AEI is proud to be a fully certified installer and programmer of Philips Dynalite.

By staying on top of external electrical maintenance you then reduce the risk of attracting criminal activity, you avoid potential lawsuits, and you create a safer environment for your customers, staff, and the general public.

For us at AEI daylight savings acts as a good opportunity to remind our clients and our network that there is an actual Australian Standard on Public Areas and Carpark Lighting that needs to be adhered to.

For further information get a copy of AS/NZS 1158.3.1:2005 from Standards Australia, or have a read of one of our previous articles; The Top Four Reasons to Maintain Your Exterior Lighting.

Property and Facility Managers… we can’t stress this enough, we recommend a proactive approach and a preventative maintenance schedule to ensure full compliance.