One of the best ways to advertise your business is with a sign. A sign is your on-the-street-salesperson and offers the best return on investment. Signs provide the first impression, and it is important you get it right. Choose a distinctive shape, one that highlights the nature of your business, such as a tulip for a florist or a football for a sports locale.

Attract the Right Attention

A nice-looking sign will attract attention, establish your retail business as a legitimate enterprise, and will pinpoint your location so potential customers can easily find your venue. Exterior signage is visible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means the sign must incorporate several important qualities. One of the most important characteristics is durability. Exterior signs are exposed to the elements 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year long.

Stand up to the elements

Quality signage will withstand the rigors of all kinds of weather conditions and will remain in place and intact without the need for costly repairs and will hold-up under regular maintenance and cleaning. An inferior product will make the statement that your business is sub-standard and that you do not care enough to present a polished look. Do not let worn-out out tattered signage create the wrong impression.

High visibility for customers

Exterior signage must also be highly visible both day and night. Signs can be lit from the interior or the exterior, or both. Choose wisely because colors have emotional impact; you want to send a positive message. The lighting must also be easy to read and provide correct and adequate details about your business without faulty or unimportant information.

A sign will attract attention and draw customers, so it is important that it is both legible and visible. 30 cm high letters can be seen from a distance of 36 meters, whereas letters that are 36 cm high are visible from 110 meters away: the most effective signs are oversized so they are both easy to see and easy to read. Commerce is a crowded space, so it is imperative that your business stands out. Passersby may not have an immediate need for your products and services, but the constant exposure can impact their future buying decisions.

Symbolic of your Brand

Signage is emblematic of your brand. Corporations rely on distinctive shapes and colors to define their company, and logos are instrumental in providing such awareness. McDonald’s Golden Arches and the Nike swoosh are just two well-known examples. Do not underestimate the importance of illuminating your logo in establishing your company’s presence.

Well Lit Signage is Critical for Retail Outlets

Signs are important for all types of businesses but we are probably most familiar with them promoting retail establishments. Think of a sign as a silent partner. A good-looking sign puts your company far ahead of the competition by providing immediate information about the company it advertises, and a well-designed graphic is pleasing to the eye and has an esthetic quality that represents the quality behind the business.

Convenient and Effective Marketing Strategy
Signage is also a convenient and effective marketing strategy; it can attract both new and existing customers by providing information about promotions and discounts, thus generating additional sales. A sign can distinguish your establishment by telling the community about awards you have garnered, unique services you provide, or that it is time to take advantage of seasonal repairs.
Benefits include:

  • Boosting brand awareness (if they can’t see you how will they know you’re there)
  • Pulling in more customers from nearby roadways

Both of which result in increased sales and foot traffic to your establishment.

Aged Care Facilities Reap the Rewards of Well Lit Signage

Signage is also an important consideration for facilities that care for the elderly.
A sign can inform the public about your location and the services you provide. An appropriate, well-lit sign is a symbol of your care and commitment to providing the necessary elements of comfort for a vulnerable population. And because a sign is visible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it tells the community that your concern is just as continuous.

Benefits include:

  • Branding and awareness
  • Educating the public as to what your facility stands for
  • Embodiment of your mission within the community
  • Highlight the benefits your facility has to offer
  • Increased foot traffic

Schools are Leveraging Well Lit Signage to their Benefit Too

Schools can also take advantage of signs. Professional signage forms a crucial part in promoting what a school can offer and communicate its core values.
It is only natural that schools want to acquire a reputation for being the finest in the area. They also want to be inspirational and lead by example. This can easily be accomplished by exterior signage that displays the school’s name. The institution’s name, along with its motto, sends a positive message to the public and provides an easy way for people to understand what is important to your educators.

  • Enhanced visibility and awareness within the community
  • Opportunity to position the brand in a positive light
  • Display your motto or mission statement
  • Re-enforce to the public the prominence and importance of your educators
  • And more…

No Matter your Business, Signage Can Help

Signage has relevance to all businesses and institutions, no matter what goods and services the establishment provides. It is important to keep a sign well-maintained since it is the first thing people see; a clean and well-lit sign speaks volumes about the pride of the establishment it advertises.
A well-designed sign may look superb when it is first installed, but it needs to have the same look all the time to indicate the company’s endurance, stability, and commitment to excellence. Regular cleaning and maintenance is a must for having your message understood and accepted by the community you serve. Signage is the best way to advertise and establish your brand.

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