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Australian Electrical Industries can seamlessly integrate the range of innovative Phillips Dynalite services into your commercial projects. This will provide your business with an energy-efficient lighting control solution that offers advanced functionality and aesthetic design.

To learn more about Philips Dynalite – and how Australian Electrical Industries can meet your advanced electrical requirements – contact a member of our team today. We’re available Australia-wide and ready to take your call 24-hours a day.

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What is Phillips Dynalite?

Dynalite is a lighting control is a system used to automate the use of lighting throughout residential and commercial sites.

Phillips Dynalite uses control devices such as switches, sensors, and timers to activate electronic relays to turn lighting on and off and dim up and down.

Lighting can be configured to switch in a series of events and moods, like good morning all your lights dim up or in your board room with the push of a button all your lights dim to a certain level ready for a presentation.

A common term used in lighting control systems is light harvesting, throughout the day as natural light increases Dynalite sensors notice this and dim your lighting as needed, this plays a huge factor in extended life time of light fittings and energy saving. Light harvesting is commonly used in schools and offices.

Australian Electrical Industries is certified to install and program Phillips Dynalite systems, some of the projects we have experience in are below

Installing and programming lighting and control system to reduce energy bills and increase lamp life utilising light harvesting technology and sensors. Complete design and setup board room scenes for the ease of conducting presentations.

Setting up welcome scenes for lighting to turn on when residents come home, and lights turning on to different levels depending on the time of day.

Imagine coming home and by opening your garage door the lights come on in your garage and your kitchen, or walking down your hallway and your light turn on as you walk not having to worry about turning switches on and off.

Recently AEI were engaged to remove a series of old timers and lighting sensors as there hockey field lighting towers were coming on in the middle of the night, we pulled out all the old switch gear and setup schedules to turn the light towers on between certain time frames on certain days when sports training takes place we also setup the dynalite system of the facilities managers computer so he could change schedules as required if additional training was to take place or vice versa not take place.

At the push of a button when you leave your hotel room a master off switch will turn off all lighting and power not needed.

Dynalite can be used for many different uses including security AEI were engaged by a defence site to setup a Phillips Dynalite system used as a security mechanism.

Perimeter lighting would turn on at a certain time to 70%  in the afternoon and then turn off again in the morning when it was light enough to see, if at any point throughout the night any motion was detected on the perimeter all lighting would turn up to 100%  this is utilised as a security protection measure.


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