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Australian Electrical Industries will provide your business with intuitive security solutions that are user-friendly and feature advanced technical capabilities. Our specialist team can fully integrate a complete network of cameras, access controls, and alarm systems that will powerfully fortify your business.

For something as important as your security, you need a high-quality solution that provides you with ongoing peace of mind. And that’s where you can rely on the expertise of Australian Electrician Industries.

To discover more about our tailored security services, get in touch with one of our experts today. We service all of Australia and we’re available to take your call 24 hours a day.

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What security services do AEI provide?

Australian Electrical Industries work with businesses to provide a comprehensive and competitive range of security solutions and technology. Across various industries, we oversee processes that enable an end-to-end security strategy. This includes consultation, design, installation, monitoring, and servicing.

We have the experience and the technical capabilities to implement video surveillance, alarm, and access control technologies for businesses of any size.

To learn more about the latest advances in security technology, we have prepared the below synopsis. Australian Electrical Industries can implement any of the following solutions to your organization.

A term commonly used lately but what does it mean for security, well its here.

AEI have been installing cameras which have the ability to detect humans, no this isn’t just sensing motion these cameras have the ability to distinguish the difference between a dog, a tree blowing in the wind or a human and have the ability to detect further than the eye can see.

A very powerful method of security being able set a boundary to detect and when a human steps in to this boundary within a certain timeframe has the ability to send you a notification to your smart device. From here you can set off alarms scaring the person away before they break in….

Pan, tilt and zoom cameras give you the ability to remotely move your cameras to look in any direction you want through a smart phone application, some of the higher end ones even have the ability to track an human once they come in to their focus.

As the term states these cameras are designed to pickup and focus on registration plates day or night with high beam lights shining in their lens these cameras have a remarkable ability to see the details of a car registration plan in any environment AEI has most commonly installed these out the front of busines’ or security watch houses.

Access control gives you the ability to give only access to necessary people where required Ie you have some rooms in your building where important information is stored and you don’t want everyone to be able to access this, by giving employees keyfobs and access codes you can control who has access to not only what but when… if these is no need for people to have access your building after certain hours or on weekend then you can easily control this by a platform. AEI can manage this for you remotely also.

Modern access control systems also have the ability to open and close internal doors, roller doors and gates via a smart phone application.

With the ability to integrate your access control system with your alarm system this is a very powerful tool so you don’t have to arm and disarm alarm in areas this is all automatically done when entering and leaving with your pin pad or key fob.

Alarms can also be armed, disarmed and monitored through a mobile app.


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