Electricity is the lifeblood of our modern existence. Businesses, schools, and aged care facilities alike understand the importance of a stable power system. However, few people consider the importance of a well-lit exterior.

Well-maintained commercial exterior lighting can enhance the promotion of your business, help emergency crews that may need to use your property, deter criminal behavior, and provide additional safety to your clients, pupils, or residents.

Here at AEI, we understand the importance lighting plays in all aspects of your facility— inside and out. A well-maintained exterior lighting system provides a myriad of benefits for all manner of properties.

Reasons To Prioritise your Exterior Lighting Maintenance

Shine a Little Light on the Subject: Highlight Your Best Features

Exterior Lighting can draw the eye and help promote your business, school, or aged care facility. Help your building and signs stand out with well-placed lights; even when you are closed, potential clients can glean essential information to contact you later.

Promoting yourself through catchy lighting is both functional and inexpensive. Promotional lighting is both functional and efficient; spotlighting your building’s signage and amenities is cheaper than running an ad in a newspaper or hiring a billboard.

Well-lit exteriors can also highlight amenities on your property. Night-owl pupils can look forward to a safe space to walk and think, while potential clients for a business can get an idea of who they are working with. Aged Care facilities can show off resident amenities by lighting sights or locations on their property. Schools can light up key facilities to showcase particular features like state-of-the-art sporting facilities or information boards by the main entrance.

Help Emergency Crews Work Efficiently and Effectively

Emergencies can happen at any time, regardless of your schedule. Providing a well-lit space at all times of the night helps to ensure that emergency workers— especially patient transport vehicles like ambulances— have a clear workspace when time is of the essence. Well-maintained lighting can literally help save lives.

Aged Care facilities especially need to consider their resident’s emergency medical needs. Health is unfortunately fragile when we reach our twilight years; your residents’ families can sleep easy knowing that emergency medical care can work efficiently at your location.

A well-lit exterior area can also help other emergency responders work efficiently at night. Your business, school, or aged care facility could play a major part in emergency response simply for lighting the way.

Graffiti No More: Deter Vandalism and Criminal Behaviours

Well-lit exteriors have been proven to deter vandalism. The Australian Institute of Criminology researched crime prevention approaches for schools around the globe. Proper lighting not only discourages vandalism but also provides better CCTV footage. In the rare instances when these circumstances don’t deter criminal behaviour, you can rest assured that the criminals will be identified.

Maintaining commercial exterior lighting also has the added benefit of creating a safe area for anyone to seek shelter when contacting emergency services. Nothing adds to the stress of a pupil’s flat tire like a dark campus. By providing lit areas and car parks, you’re showing an extra level of care for your pupils.

Protect Your Staff, Your Visitors, and Yourself: Avoid Accidents and Lawsuits with Well-Lit Exteriors

Poorly lit exteriors are an accident waiting to happen. Anything from tripping over curbs to minor car collisions can take place— and you could be liable. SafeWork Australia notes that factors including poor lighting led to upwards of 24,000 serious injury claims in 2015-16.

Poor lighting can be especially dangerous for aged care facility residents, as poor eyesight is common among the elderly.

Safety is an essential priority for businesses, schools, and aged care facilities. Each of these industries has a commitment to employees, clients, pupils, residents, and/or families to help minimize injuries and encourage safety, and proper lighting is but one of the ways they can achieve this goal.

Accidents that take place on your property have an additional risk: lawsuits. If someone is injured on your watch, especially if you knew lighting was an issue, then you are liable to pay for damages. If your lighting issues continue to go unaddressed, these lawsuits and payments can build up and start cutting into your profits and your potential visits. After all, no one wants to trust a business that refuses to learn or take safety seriously.

When You Need Help with Exterior Lighting, Turn to the Experts at AEI

Here at Australian Electrical Industries, your lighting is our business. We want to bring out the best in your facilities with well-maintained lighting. Our team understands the importance of prompt, efficient, thorough service. We work with businesses, schools, and aged care facilities across the country— let us serve you, as well.

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