It’s safe to say that this winter is shaping up to be a wild one. And with all this extreme weather it has meant that we at AEI have seen a major spike in emergency electrical callouts.

The most common callouts relate directly to issues with overhead powerlines. Storms being the most common cause, as strong winds often cause trees to fall across powerlines, interrupting supply and causing power outages.

It’s times like these that the electrical industry often comes back to the debate about overhead vs. underground power supply. And whilst it’s clear (especially during weather like this) that overhead power lines are more subject to environmental factors, the answer unfortunately isn’t always that black and white. Underground power supply does produce less faults, less accidental contact and of course makes for a more aesthetically pleasing environment, however overhead power supply is significantly cheaper, offers a longer lifespan and due to power lines being more visible, it does mean that faults can often be identified and resolved more quickly.

Regardless of this continued debate, it does seem that concerns are felt across the industry with Energy Safe Victoria issuing this reminder to:

“Stay more than 8-10 metres away. Just standing near fallen powerlines can be fatal. Always treat fallen powerlines as live even when they are broken.”

We at AEI feel this reminder is one that needs to be continually communicated especially within the Australian Electrical Industry. We know that our commercial customers are feeling the effects, especially in situations where loose overhead lines are crossing over from public areas, into businesses and private properties.

Our advice: Stay aware and stay safe.

Take advantage of the material Energy Safe Victoria has compiled. In particular we recommend reading:

And most importantly; if you’re a business large or small across Australia, with concerns regarding electrical safety, or you’re in a position where you want to look at preventative electrical maintenance:


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